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Jul. 21st, 2011 01:39 am
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Valerie desu~

Okay, first things first...

I already watched KT's Run for You perf on hey!3x this monday;
Only one word can describe their performance: EPIC!
Like, for realz! Their black matching outfits, their dance steps, their autotunes, Kame's wink, dada Junno's hairporn, Koki's blonde hair, Tacchan's curly hair (yay, it's back.), and Maru's white milky skin. OMGosh! *___*
I can't wait for the PV.
I made some Junno gif's (req of my mom, mama chisuke.)

Kakoii deshou!? and that's dada Junno only. *____*
I'll try to make other gif's and post it here. :)
Now.... Shocks, I really don't want to go to school anymore. orz
I'm really irritated with some of my classmates, I can't stand them. =[
I just wished that all of my fandom friends became my classmates. -.-
And speaking of school, I already wrote some partsof my project.
Now, there's addition, I have to draw the map of morocco and it's flag. OTL
And my assignment in english, the sonnet that is, has no progress at all.
Can you shoot me now!? Fore realz!
And then it's Zee's bday tomorrow, and I haven't got her antg.
But Me and Mir-chan thought that I should make a fic for her where the pairing is Zee and Tacchan.
It really hurts me, but I have to do this.
I shall let go Tacchan tomorrow, ONLY, for Zee's bday. xD
And mira also requested for me to make a fic about her and Tacchan, but It's dew next year so I don't have to hurry. :)
But I have a problem, one of my nee-chan ni twitter asked me to do an angst ryoDa fic based on Up Dharma Down's song 'Tadhana'.
I tried listening to it for many times and I still haven't got the meaning of the song. Dayum~
I just told her that I'm really busy, which is true, so she have to wait for a little long.
Whoa, my update is really long this time ne~
I shall go to sleep now.'
I'll try texting Zee first thing in the morning~
I'll greet her a happy birthday.
Damn, it will cost too much for meh!
Lah! IDGAF, as long as I can make her ha[[y. :)

So... Jaa ney!
atsu tsu tsu~


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